Coda Fertilizer

Yep, Coda’s in the chicken poop business…
Over the last few years, the specialty coffee industry has seen a global shortage in green coffees available, most likely due to the growing middle class population in China, India, Brazil, and Russia. This is evidenced in the soaring prices of coffee in recent years. Spurred on by this shortage, Coda has been working with a biochemist to develop a natural, inexpensive fertilizer to enable farmers to grow more (and higher quality!) coffee at a lower price, while not cutting down more rainforests or using harmful chemicals in the process.
Working with small scale American chicken farmers, we have been able to analyze the animals’ feed to ensure waste that can be used beyond its ‘ahem’ elimination. We compress the waste into pellets, and bingo= organic fertilizer.
Emilio from Cuatro M Cafes was nice enough to be our guinea pig, and is currently using the fertilizer on crops in Ayutepeque, El Salvador (a large component in many of Coda’s blends). Initial feedback is looking promising!

One more way in which Coda is completing the circle!

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Employee survey day TAKE TWO

If you were a dog what would you want your name to be?

Marciano- Spike

Tim- Rufus

Keith- Zeus

Issac- Diesel

Adam- Scooby

Tommy- Tommy

Bane- Bane

Jessica- Boot

Laura- Lucy

Holly- Cupcake

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Marciano- Damn woodchucks quit chucking my wood!

Tim- 3

Keith- 1

Issac- a lot

Holly- 2 1/2 logs

Adam- an immense amount

Tommy- 2 cords

Laura- not enough

Jessica- um

Bane- I don’t undestand

WTF!!!!!! I need your orders before Wednesday, Thursday or Friday… WTF :)

Marciano- right on

Tim- Wednesday

Keith- :)

Issac- ok…

Adam- WTF

Bane- WTF

Tommy- Dave…

Jessica- Dave…

Laura- Dave!

Ask Sharon how much she misses 12 hour days with 8 hour turn arounds?

Bane- I don’t understand

Issac- huh?

Tim- she doesn’t

What are you doing to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Jessica- I am prepared to drive to my brother’s house

Marciano- Tae Bo

Laura- Zombie apocalypse?

Tim- driving to my brother in law’s house

Keith- not much

Issac- saving Twinkies, they never go bad

Adam- stockpiling Twinkies

Bane- I will buy a bunch of weapons!

Holly- haven’t considered it really…

Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Laura- no way I don’t even use them

Marciano- no just Rob’s

Tim- yes

Keith- yes

Issac- no, not by choice

Bane- sometimes

Adam- no

Tommy- no

Jessica- yes they’re already used anyways!

Holly- no

What is your occupation?

Jessica- Queen

Holly- making pretty pictures

Bane- sport: Basketball, working out in the gym

Marciano- epidemiologist

Tim- coffee roaster

Keith- all time bagger!

Issac- Duncan’s boss

Adam- Ninja Assassin

Tommy- hhmm…

Laura- customer support specialist! “secretary”

To Marciano, define epidemiologist:

Doctor who studies diseases

Do you close the door when you use the bathroom or shower when you’re home alone?

Jessica- yes

Marciano- yes

Tim- no, alone does not matter either

Holly- yes

Keith- no

Bane- sometimes

Issac- yes

Adam- no

Tommy- alone? Don’t either way

Laura- not usually

What do you like to order at a Mexican restaurant?

Marciano- enchiladas

Jessica- depends

Tim- whatever is recommended

Laura- burritos

Keith- smothered chicken burrito

Bane- something with chicken

Issac- smothered burrito

Holly- chili rellenos

Adam- churros and chicken tenders

Tommy- Mexican food

I have a….

Jessica- lot to do this weekend

Marciano- belly button

Tim- *content edited

Keith- headache

Holly- hankering for summer

Issac- life

Adam- fetish for fine silks

Laura- burning desire for a shot of tequila

Bane- scooter

Tommy- left and right hand

What is your current favorite coffee drink?

Jessica- iced toddy with a splash of milk

Marciano- Marciano blend

Tim- Las Capucas micro lot

Keith- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Issac- Americano

Adam- coffee served black

Tommy- double short Americano

Laura- iced toddy

Bane- Ethiopian Harrar and Marciano’s blend

Is there something else you should be doing right now?

Tommy- lots

Duncan- working…

Issac- riding my motocross

Keith- yes, watching NCAA basketball!

Tim- yes

Holly- probably

Jessica- understatement

Bane- watching basketball

Laura- yes

Which would you rather go without: cellphone, ipod, or internet?

Tommy- ipod

Adam- cellphone

Issac- ipod

Keith- ipod

Tim- ipod

Marciano- internet

Jessica- ipod

Laura- ipod

Bane- ipod

Holly- ipod

Is it a pop, soda, or coke?

Tommy- it is bad for you

Adam- soda pop

Issac- pop

Keith- soda

Tim- pop

Laura- pop or soda

Marciano- pop

Jessica- pop

Holly- pop and soda

Bane- soda

Do you have a mustache?

Tommy- no

Adam- not anymore

Issac- yes

Holly- no

Bane- yes

Keith- no

Tim- no

Marciano- more like a fumanchu

Jessica- no but my husband looks really creepy with one

Laura- yes I do!

Do you take a shower every day?

Tommy- 95% of days

Adam- I take baths

Issac- yes

Laura- yes I do!

Keith- yes

Tim- yes, my wife doesn’t

Jessica- most days, Tim you’re a jerk

Marciano- yes

Bane- yes

Holly- yes

Would you prefer a new car or a long holiday abroad?

Tommy- long holiday

Adam- no comment

Holly- long holiday

Issac- new car

Keith- new car

Tim- long holiday

Keith- new car

Jessica- long holiday

Laura- long holiday

Bane- long holiday

Would you rather earn $20,000 extra a year or work one day less a week?

Unanimous- 20k

I have to….

Tommy- hurry and finish this

Adam- *content edited

Issac- punch Duncan in the face hard before I die

Keith- go to the gym

Tim- pee

Marciano- sleep

Jessica- type these answers up

Bane- get married!!!

Holly- go write some emails

Laura- get outside

Most hated household chore?

Tommy- folding laundry

Holly- cleaning the bathrooms

Adam- punching Issac in the face

Issac- mopping

Keith- sweeping

Laura- laundry

Bane- cleaning bathroom

Tim- putting away laundry

Marciano- unloading dishwasher

Jessica- picking up dog poop and hanging up clothes are equal

Did you drink any green beer this week?

Holly- no, very dark brown

Tommy- yes

Adam- no but I ate a brownie once

Issac- no

Keith- no

Tim- no

Marciano- no

Jessica- no

Laura- yes

Bane- no

Name a Justin Beiber song.

Tommy- no clue. I actually thought his last name was Beaver

Adam- Baby, Never Say Never, 1 Less Lonely Girl, Somebody to Love, Runaway Love, My World, 2 Blonde Chicks, Dr. Pepper, need more space…

Bane- don’t know

Issac- Never Say Never

Holly- I have no idea…

Keith- Never Say Never

Tim- I cannot

Marciano- Never Say Never

Jessica- Baby, although as of last week I thought that was a chick singing it

Laura- Somebody to Love

Is Tupac really dead?

Tommy- yes

Adam- only in mind

Issac- no

Keith- yep

Tim- no

Marciano- yes

Jessica- yes, and so are Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Biggie

Laura- yes

Bane- how the hell do I know?

Holly- yes

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Indo Madness

Ever wonder how your coffee
is packaged so perfectly? It’s balance! Coda team members practice
their balance by doing tricks on the Coda Indo Board, hand-built by
David Sharpe of Beneficial Beans. Check out Marciano Romero and Seok
Lee demonstrating their skills.

Marciano on Indo Board

Seok on Indo Board

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How well do you know the employees at Coda?

Hamburgers or Hot Dogs?
Laura- Hamburgers
Seok- Hamburgers
Steve- Hamburgers
Adam- Hamburgers
Trestin- Hamburgers
Bane- Hamburgers
Jessica- Hot Dogs

Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?
Tommy- Bear
Tim- Bees
Todd- Bees
Steve- Bear
Trestin- Bees
Bane- Bear

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Seok- people messing with my food
Adam- jerks
Issac- no blinker
Bane- lying
Jessica- spatial unawareness

Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
Todd- sure
Steve- yes
Marciano- yes
Trestin- yes
Bane- yes

What is your LEAST favorite movie?
Tim- Legends of the Fall
Adam- The Notebook
Issac- Couples Retreat
Courtney- Event Horizon

What do you drink with dinner?
Tim- Beer and Water
Steve- Water
Marciano- Rose wine
Bane- Water
Issac- Water

What do you dip your chicken nuggets in?
Brian- BBQ Sauce and Ranch
Laura- Honey and BBQ Sauce
Adam- everything
Courtney- ketchup

What is your favorite food?
Seok- Korean food
Todd- Crab legs
Steve- Steak
Trestin- Pizza
Bane- Chicken
Issac- Chicken
Jessica- Spaghetti
Tim- Alaskan King Crab

What movie could you watch over and over and still love?
Laura- PS I Love You
Trestin- Blow
Bane- Gladiator

Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
Steve- yes; 2
Marciano- yes; enough for too many points
Issac- yes; 3
Jessica- no

Favorite kind of sandwich?
Jessica- pepperoni and white bread- nothing else

Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Tommy- Cheeseburger
Tim- Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs
Issac- Eggos
Jessica- Crispix cereal

When you were a kid, what was your favorite thing to dress up as for Halloween?
Trestin- Batman
Courtney- a tube of toothpaste
Tim- the devil
Laura- a pumpkin
Jessica- a princess
Issac- a vampire
Brian- Toilet Ghost
Seok- they didn’t have Halloween in Korea…
Marciano- football player
Adam- Superman
Tommy- Glow in the Dark Man
Todd- a skelteton
Steve- Michael Myers
Bane- no Halloween in Serbia

How many languages do you speak?
Seok- 1 1/4
Bane- 5
Brian- not quite 1

Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
Brian- Birds In Bloom
Issac- Motocross

Are you afraid of heights?
Steve- no
Trestin- a little bit
Bane- yes
Issac- yes

Do you sing in the car? Favorite to sing in car?
Courtney- yes; Jack’s Mannequin
Steve- yes

Do you sing in the shower?
Bane- sometimes
Issac- no
Jessica- no I don’t want the plumbing to break

Ever eat a pierogi? Do you know what a pierogi is?
Tim- no; no
Issac- no; no
Seok- no; no
Adam- yes; yes

What is your favorite type of fruit pie?
Brian- all of them mixed together
Tommy- Cherry
Tim- Cherry
Laura- Apple
Steve- Apple

When you were a kid what job did you want to have when you grew up?
Courtney- a comedian
Tim- a horse
Todd- an ecologist
Seok- firefighter or cop
Trestin- firefighter
Steve- Coda delivery driver
Marciano- astronaut
Bane- marshal artist
Adam- Superman
Jessica- a paleontologist

Do you wear a bath robe?
Issac- no
Todd- rarely
Marciano- no
Trestin- no
Jessica- yes

What was the first concert you saw? Your favorite concert?
Todd- Air Supply; 4/7/90 Grateful Dead and it was 104 degrees
Trestin- heavy metal; ICP
Adam- Blues Traveler; Lupe Fiasco
Jessica- 98 Degrees; Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Keith Urban (um I don’t even really listen to country though…)

Cheetos or Frito’s
Seok- Flaming Cheetos
Tim- Chili Cheese Fritos
Issac- Cheetos

Peanuts or Sunflower Seeds?
Tommy- Peanuts
Steve- Peanuts
Jessica- Sunflower Seeds

Ever take dance lessons?
Todd- no
Adam- maybe
Trestin- no
Bane- no
Steve- no
Tim- yes

Ever won a contest of any kind? What?
Seok- yes; random drawing in the Navy
Marciano- yes; art contest in 6th grade- drew a picture of a RTD bus in the mountains
Steve- yes; talent show- dancing

Black or green olives?
Tommy- green
Tim- green
Todd- green
Bane- black
Jessica- black

What is your favorite color?
Courtney- yellow
Issac- green
Todd- green
Trestin- blue
Bane- black and white
Jessica- pink

What is something not many people know about you?
Seok- I’m Tommy’s brother in law
Todd- I’m very sensitive
Steve- I always have a different car
Adam- I have an alternate character named Duncan
Marciano- I do yoga
Issac- I personify everthing
Trestin- I think I’m German
Bane- I always fight for justice
Courtney- My natural hair color is….
Laura- I sing my sentences and sometimes can’t stop
Brian- I played soccer in college
Tim- I am a pilot
Tommy- I am a pilot
Jessica- I am a PK

What would you do if you found a wallet on the ground?
Tim- Look at the ID and give it back, unless it was Courtney’s
Adam- Take the money then return the wallet

What would you do if your date threw up on you?
Issac- Get grossed out but still be polite
Marciano- Suck it up and finish the date
Jessica- Throw up

What would you do if you witnessed a murder?
Bane- Try to catch the guy

What would you do if you were stranded on an island with nothing but the ability to make one phone call?
Brian- call the Coast Guard
Seok- call someone with a helicopter
Jessica- call Jack Sparrow

What would you do if you were stranded on an island with nothing but the ability to make one phone call?
Brian- call the Coast Guard
Seok- call someone with a helicopter
Jessica- call Jack Sparrow

What is your favorite espresso beverage?
Tommy- Double short americano
Tim- Double short americano
Jessica- Iced latte or ristretto shot
Courtney- Iced americano
Brian- traditional macchiatto
Laura- Vanilla latte
Todd- straight shot
Adam- iced americano
Marciano- caramel mocha
Seok- almond mocha
Bane- latte

What is your favorite Coda single origin coffee?
Tommy- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Tim- Guatemalan A Achimbal
Courtney- Costa Rican Santa Elena Estate
Jessica- Sumatran Aceh
Laura- Ethiopian Harrar
Seok- Mexican Chiapas
Brian- Kenyan Peaberry
Todd- Ethiopian Harrar
Steve- Colombian Monserrate
Adam- Colombian Monserrate
Marciano- Ethiopian Harrar
Bane- Costa Rican Santa Elena Estate
Trestin- Colombian Monserrate

What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
Todd- Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
Bane- Clash of the Titans
Jessica- Dinner for Shmucks

What do you collect?
Courtney- foreign coins
Tommy- $2 bills
Jessica- shells from beaches I’ve been to

Laura- shoes

Schwarzeneggar… Governor or Terminator?
Tommy- Terminator
Todd- Terminator
Issac- Terminator
Courtney- Gove-nator

Can you do a cartwheel?
Seok- yes
Todd- yes
Marciano- yes
Steve- no
Jessica- yes

Ski or snowboard?
Tim- ski
Tommy- ski
Laura- snowboard
Jessica- hell

Quick empty your pockets what do you find?
Steve- phone, ID, money
Todd- iPod, money
Jessica- lint
Tim- fast food receipt, customer invoice, a bunch of change, permanent marker, box knife, toothpick wrapper, some scribbled note, more folded up paper

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The World’s Best Latte

Danielle is in search of the perfect cup of coffee.

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A Match Made in Heaven

What happens when you mix great coffee with Legos?Match made in heaven.

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Coda Nation is Coming!

Welcome to Coda Nation.

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