Employee survey day TAKE TWO

If you were a dog what would you want your name to be?

Marciano- Spike

Tim- Rufus

Keith- Zeus

Issac- Diesel

Adam- Scooby

Tommy- Tommy

Bane- Bane

Jessica- Boot

Laura- Lucy

Holly- Cupcake

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Marciano- Damn woodchucks quit chucking my wood!

Tim- 3

Keith- 1

Issac- a lot

Holly- 2 1/2 logs

Adam- an immense amount

Tommy- 2 cords

Laura- not enough

Jessica- um

Bane- I don’t undestand

WTF!!!!!! I need your orders before Wednesday, Thursday or Friday… WTF :)

Marciano- right on

Tim- Wednesday

Keith- :)

Issac- ok…

Adam- WTF

Bane- WTF

Tommy- Dave…

Jessica- Dave…

Laura- Dave!

Ask Sharon how much she misses 12 hour days with 8 hour turn arounds?

Bane- I don’t understand

Issac- huh?

Tim- she doesn’t

What are you doing to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Jessica- I am prepared to drive to my brother’s house

Marciano- Tae Bo

Laura- Zombie apocalypse?

Tim- driving to my brother in law’s house

Keith- not much

Issac- saving Twinkies, they never go bad

Adam- stockpiling Twinkies

Bane- I will buy a bunch of weapons!

Holly- haven’t considered it really…

Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Laura- no way I don’t even use them

Marciano- no just Rob’s

Tim- yes

Keith- yes

Issac- no, not by choice

Bane- sometimes

Adam- no

Tommy- no

Jessica- yes they’re already used anyways!

Holly- no

What is your occupation?

Jessica- Queen

Holly- making pretty pictures

Bane- sport: Basketball, working out in the gym

Marciano- epidemiologist

Tim- coffee roaster

Keith- all time bagger!

Issac- Duncan’s boss

Adam- Ninja Assassin

Tommy- hhmm…

Laura- customer support specialist! “secretary”

To Marciano, define epidemiologist:

Doctor who studies diseases

Do you close the door when you use the bathroom or shower when you’re home alone?

Jessica- yes

Marciano- yes

Tim- no, alone does not matter either

Holly- yes

Keith- no

Bane- sometimes

Issac- yes

Adam- no

Tommy- alone? Don’t either way

Laura- not usually

What do you like to order at a Mexican restaurant?

Marciano- enchiladas

Jessica- depends

Tim- whatever is recommended

Laura- burritos

Keith- smothered chicken burrito

Bane- something with chicken

Issac- smothered burrito

Holly- chili rellenos

Adam- churros and chicken tenders

Tommy- Mexican food

I have a….

Jessica- lot to do this weekend

Marciano- belly button

Tim- *content edited

Keith- headache

Holly- hankering for summer

Issac- life

Adam- fetish for fine silks

Laura- burning desire for a shot of tequila

Bane- scooter

Tommy- left and right hand

What is your current favorite coffee drink?

Jessica- iced toddy with a splash of milk

Marciano- Marciano blend

Tim- Las Capucas micro lot

Keith- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Issac- Americano

Adam- coffee served black

Tommy- double short Americano

Laura- iced toddy

Bane- Ethiopian Harrar and Marciano’s blend

Is there something else you should be doing right now?

Tommy- lots

Duncan- working…

Issac- riding my motocross

Keith- yes, watching NCAA basketball!

Tim- yes

Holly- probably

Jessica- understatement

Bane- watching basketball

Laura- yes

Which would you rather go without: cellphone, ipod, or internet?

Tommy- ipod

Adam- cellphone

Issac- ipod

Keith- ipod

Tim- ipod

Marciano- internet

Jessica- ipod

Laura- ipod

Bane- ipod

Holly- ipod

Is it a pop, soda, or coke?

Tommy- it is bad for you

Adam- soda pop

Issac- pop

Keith- soda

Tim- pop

Laura- pop or soda

Marciano- pop

Jessica- pop

Holly- pop and soda

Bane- soda

Do you have a mustache?

Tommy- no

Adam- not anymore

Issac- yes

Holly- no

Bane- yes

Keith- no

Tim- no

Marciano- more like a fumanchu

Jessica- no but my husband looks really creepy with one

Laura- yes I do!

Do you take a shower every day?

Tommy- 95% of days

Adam- I take baths

Issac- yes

Laura- yes I do!

Keith- yes

Tim- yes, my wife doesn’t

Jessica- most days, Tim you’re a jerk

Marciano- yes

Bane- yes

Holly- yes

Would you prefer a new car or a long holiday abroad?

Tommy- long holiday

Adam- no comment

Holly- long holiday

Issac- new car

Keith- new car

Tim- long holiday

Keith- new car

Jessica- long holiday

Laura- long holiday

Bane- long holiday

Would you rather earn $20,000 extra a year or work one day less a week?

Unanimous- 20k

I have to….

Tommy- hurry and finish this

Adam- *content edited

Issac- punch Duncan in the face hard before I die

Keith- go to the gym

Tim- pee

Marciano- sleep

Jessica- type these answers up

Bane- get married!!!

Holly- go write some emails

Laura- get outside

Most hated household chore?

Tommy- folding laundry

Holly- cleaning the bathrooms

Adam- punching Issac in the face

Issac- mopping

Keith- sweeping

Laura- laundry

Bane- cleaning bathroom

Tim- putting away laundry

Marciano- unloading dishwasher

Jessica- picking up dog poop and hanging up clothes are equal

Did you drink any green beer this week?

Holly- no, very dark brown

Tommy- yes

Adam- no but I ate a brownie once

Issac- no

Keith- no

Tim- no

Marciano- no

Jessica- no

Laura- yes

Bane- no

Name a Justin Beiber song.

Tommy- no clue. I actually thought his last name was Beaver

Adam- Baby, Never Say Never, 1 Less Lonely Girl, Somebody to Love, Runaway Love, My World, 2 Blonde Chicks, Dr. Pepper, need more space…

Bane- don’t know

Issac- Never Say Never

Holly- I have no idea…

Keith- Never Say Never

Tim- I cannot

Marciano- Never Say Never

Jessica- Baby, although as of last week I thought that was a chick singing it

Laura- Somebody to Love

Is Tupac really dead?

Tommy- yes

Adam- only in mind

Issac- no

Keith- yep

Tim- no

Marciano- yes

Jessica- yes, and so are Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Biggie

Laura- yes

Bane- how the hell do I know?

Holly- yes

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