Coda Fertilizer

Yep, Coda’s in the chicken poop business…
Over the last few years, the specialty coffee industry has seen a global shortage in green coffees available, most likely due to the growing middle class population in China, India, Brazil, and Russia. This is evidenced in the soaring prices of coffee in recent years. Spurred on by this shortage, Coda has been working with a biochemist to develop a natural, inexpensive fertilizer to enable farmers to grow more (and higher quality!) coffee at a lower price, while not cutting down more rainforests or using harmful chemicals in the process.
Working with small scale American chicken farmers, we have been able to analyze the animals’ feed to ensure waste that can be used beyond its ‘ahem’ elimination. We compress the waste into pellets, and bingo= organic fertilizer.
Emilio from Cuatro M Cafes was nice enough to be our guinea pig, and is currently using the fertilizer on crops in Ayutepeque, El Salvador (a large component in many of Coda’s blends). Initial feedback is looking promising!

One more way in which Coda is completing the circle!

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